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Rapid Determination of Sufentanil in Human Plasma by UHPLC–QqQ-MS-MS

Efavirenz (EFV) (6), used for the treatment of HIV, has been shown to cross-react with Biosite Triage 8 ® kit for benzodiazepines . The authors created a blinded study in which half of the patients (n = 50) were therapeutically dosed with EFV and the other half (n = 50) were not.

These false-positive results support the generally accepted practice that immunoassay positive results are considered presumptive until confirmed by a second independent chemical technique.Immunoassays dominate urine drug screens (UDSs) because they are simple to use, easy to automate and provide rapid results (Because many providers have limited knowledge of immunoassay cross-reactivity data, patients with false-positive results may lose eligibility in rehabilitation programs, be inappropriately terminated from employment or suffer from medical staff bias because of lack of trust (This review focuses on cases where the cause of a false positive is identified.

lamictal-lamotrigine-343012 Stone (UCSD) for her input in preparation of this manuscript.Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

A 2-way pharmacokinetic interaction between efavirenz and carbamazepine [abstract 575a]. Evaluation of a Computational Approach for Predicting and Identifying Unknown High-Resolution Product Ion Mass Spectra Search for other works by this author on:


No published data about drug interactions specific to this combination. All material on this website is protected by copyright, Copyright © 1994-2020 by WebMD LLC. While it is useful to understand some of the common causes of false-positive immunoassay results, in the majority of cases the cause of false-positive screening results is unknown. Diseases & Conditions Efavirenz belongs to a class of drugs known as non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs).

Many cross-reactivities exist with other analytes, potentially causing a false-positive result in an initial drug screen.

Immunoassays provide useful clinical information, but should be viewed as ‘presumptive positive’ results until confirmed by an independent chemical technique such as GC–MS or liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry.The authors acknowledge the generous funding provided by Waters Corporation for the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) clinical chemistry fellowship program.

Simply adding the parent drug to DFU and demonstrating the absence of a positive result does not rule out ingestion of a particular drug as the cause of a false-positive result.

PO: May be administered without regard to meals. These articles were then analyzed to determine if they included data on false-positive urine immunoassay results.

Hyoscine reduces spasms by relaxing smooth muscles within the stomach, intestines, bladder and urethra. Quantification of Major Metabolites of AB-FUBINACA in Solid Tissues Obtained from An Abuser The predefined drug classes include amphetamines, tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), benzodiazepines, cannabinoids and opiates (natural and synthetic).

The case involved a patient who was admitted to the emergency department with an apparent overdose. 2002

and formulary information changes.

One study reports two cases of false-positive PCP urine screens from patients taking tramadol using the DRI PCP Microgenics3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) is a synthetic cathinone found in illicit ‘bath salts’ and was revealed by Macher and Penders to cause false-positive PCP results.

Individual plans may vary Efavirenz (Sustiva) is an anti-HIV drug that reduces the amount of virus in the body.

The authors graciously acknowledge Dr Judith A.

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