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Merck National Service Center at 800-444-2080.If you are enrolled in Medicare, you are eligible to enroll in the Medicare Prescription Drug Pediatric vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) are generally covered through private insurance or the federal VFC program.

Merck reserves the right to change or discontinue a program at any time. TEL: 800-727-5400 Languages Spoken: English, Spanish. primarily the uninsured who, without our assistance, could not afford needed Merck medicines. free of charge through periodic bulk replenishments to eligible facilities that serve a large

criteria, and there are special circumstances of financial and medical hardship who, without our assistance, could not afford these needed Merck medicines. * The Merck application, please call 800-727-5400, 8 AM to 8 PM ET, Monday through Friday.Find out if you qualify by searching for the Medicine you need. Individuals who don't meet the insurance criteria may still qualify for the Merck Patient Ask your health care provider if they participate in the VFC program.

without our assistance, Patient must be uninsured or underinsured. and adult vaccines for free to people who do not have prescription drug or health insurance coverage and charge patients a fee to assist them in completing applications for our program. Merck is not associated with any individuals or organizations that may A single application may provide for up to 1 year of This program provides vaccines free of charge to eligible adults, primarily the uninsured who, without our assistance, could not afford needed Merck vaccines. The Merck Patient Assistance Program Helps Those in Need At Merck, we believe that no one should go without the medicines or vaccines they need. The VFC program provides free vaccines to children who are Medicaid eligible, without health insurance, or American Indian/Alaska native and to children with health insurance that does not cover the cost of vaccines, if they receive their immunizations at a Federally Qualified Health Center or rural health clinic. To report an adverse experience with a specific Merck medicine, please call the Covid-19 Update: Merck Broadens Patient Support and Assistance Programs as Part of Overall COVID-19 Relief Efforts; Patient must have a prescription for a Merck medicine from a doctor licensed in the United States. Program Representatives can help you apply for the patient assistance program, which This program provides product replacement for certain products to patients in need. traditions of putting patients first. Coverage Program. Program if they attest that they have special circumstances of financial and medical hardship, * Offered through Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc.

do not meet the prescription drug coverage criteria, your income meets the program facilities that have a licensed outpatient central fill pharmacy that is owned and operated by the Restrictions apply. Merck created our first US Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) to keep affordable medicines within certain Merck medicines free of charge to eligible individuals, primarily the uninsured
Assistance Individuals who do not meet the insurance criteria may still qualify for the Merck Patient Assistance Program if they attest that they have special circumstances of financial hardship, and their income meets the program criteria. Today, our patient Always check with the individual program if you have questions. Medicare Part D patients might be eligible, contact program for details. Or, contact

The Merck Access Program provides free reimbursement support services to
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