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Although I am one to not trust natural medicine I may give it a try any ways. Learn more about melatonin overdose. When I was diagnosed back in 1985, they did not give me any medication, they put me in a developmentally disabled classroom, and from there, my schooling went downhill. Further, I bellieve that they are quite overused.

She is very educated and specialized in Special Ed, among others. !Ambien puts me to sleep almost every time.
Another good note: Stop eating, drinking and watching anything that will keep you excited, after 4:00pm. It does have side effects that you need to watch for. I was givin melatonin but instead if it makeing me sleep I cant because it gives me a really stuffy nose and not being able to breath keeps me up so I took a half, Im a lil drowsy, no stuffy nose but its not enough to make me sleep so I have sleeping pills called Mid Nite natural herbs. Hope this helps and good luck to you! It concerns me that children are being put on ritalin or whatever, when they may not actually NEED it and when the REAL causes of their behaviour aren't being investigated. Anyway, your answer is academic since I was responding to the other person's original question :)Klonopin or valium work good... but both come with possible side effects. He was on Concerta, within less than 1 week he was so unbelieveably changed It was amazing. I was scared to death cause it was the only thing that knocked me out to get some rest.

They usually will only pay for a half a month and leave the rest of the cost to you. Melatonin can be a successful natural sleep aid. it seems as if my body is getting used to it and it seems as if it isnt working quite as well anymore. There’s a new herbal supplement or vitamin mix advertised for what seems like every ailment nowadays. I can't live on no sleep to 2-3 hours per night for 3 or 4 days straight.

Question? I have had trouble with anxiety pretty much my whole life but now I see much of that can be attributed to ADD. But with my son's doctor's blessing, we've chosen not to give medication when its not necessary for learning. good luck.bi plor, skitzo, anexity, mood swings, depression, its a wonder drug. Of course our house could fall down around me and I would never know it... but at least I sleep... One thing about Trazadone it does build up a tolerance and usually takes routine dose changes, but the DRs know that it is expected and my doctor in particular handles these appropiately.

Melatonin is a hormone in your body that plays a role in sleep.

to 450 mgs. a day of Ser. I too need between 8-10 hours of sleep in order to not be exhausted and irritable the next day.

As in being more hyper than I am already. good luck to you.Hi -- my psychiatrist rxd trazodone for me around 3-4 yrs. Available for Android and iOS devices. I may have other suggestions from a magizine i just recieved that suggest natural remedies but I have not read it yet. It is not just a 'behavioural' thing.Yes, ADHD and ADD are very very real, and carry genetic predisposition. But it's always good to double check.

I stopped taking it because I began seeing and hearing things that were not there. for me - I go to sleep almost immediately when I do it right. I am a terrible sleeper and find Trazadone helps tremendously-I used to be on 100mg/day but now am on 50mg/day and get a solid 7 hours of sleep with that-without it I wake up after sleeping only a couple of hours and can't get back to sleepHi -- my psychiatrist rxd trazodone for me around 3-4 yrs. I was happily surprised as I really thought I needed something "strong" LOL One night I took an ambian 1 hr before I planned on going to bed... next day I talked to a friend only to find out that I had talked to her on the phone after taking it ... and had no recollection of it!there is ambiean cr and im now on trazodone sorry bout the spelling i dont have any side affects from it like waking up grumpy also a natural vit. Another thing I should note is I'm a recovering opiate addict and most of that was self medicating but it spiralled out of control but now thankfully I'm opiate free. As years went on my grades got worse in most my subjects.
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