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The vitiated kapha interacts with the kleda, Sweda pitta, meda, rasa, rakta (all predominant of watery tissues) and gets localized in the basti and produces prameha.Food, drinks, and lifestyle which helps in increasing meda, mutra, and kapha are the basic causative factors of prameha. For example in kaphaja prameha urine is characterized by white colour, sweet taste, cold touch and smell like flesh. Vayu itself is colourless. These wholesome foods are bitter gourd, amla, snake gourd, turmeric, drum stick, barley, wheat, green gram, horse gram, pepper, garlic, blue berry, soyabean, cucumber, spinach, fenugreek seeds, jamun, bel, tulsi,There are some foods which are prohibited from ayurveda point of view. Similarly, pittaja pramehas are to be determined. In fact for a patient suffering from diabetes, ayurvedic medicines have proved to be a true blessing by not only treating the disease but also creating natural defences for further d… When there is an obstruction to these circulating doshas they will get lodged in a particular area in the body and starts vitiating the functions of those areas. Ayurveda, the ancient science trusts a few herbs for diabetes, … The disease is caused by an imbalance in these energies.Mostly diabetes is traced as an imbalance of kapha energy which is compromised of earth and water.Prameha for a common man to understand can be considered as urinary anomalies.Different categories of prameha are described depending on the colour taste touch and smell of the urine with the predominance of respective doshas. Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Diabetes 1. Diabetes is one of the most common and neglected health condition for many people. if a patient is taking the prescribed medicine from doctor and he wants to use ayurvedic medicine than how can we use that.how to get record of patients cured of DM by pure and total ayurvedaAll the important info has been suggested in the article.It is possible to keep blood sugar in control by taking only Bitter Gourd Juice: or Cinnamon powder without taking Alopathic medicine..Please suggest me effective Ayurveda medicine. Ayurveda On Diabetes 4. The food which is predominant with opposite qualities of the pathogenesis and disease are advised with careful assessment. If one continues the similar activity a particular dosha will start getting accumulating it its place. Ayurvedic herbs and spices have been an integral part of traditional Indian medicine for centuries. Chaithanya KS is a renowned Ayurvedic Specialist practicing in Bangalore since 2003. They arePrameha is one among the eight dreadful diseases mentioned in Ayurveda involving mutra haha srotos (urinary channel) and kapha dosa predominancy. Please contact your doctor for your health needs. Ayurvedic Medicines for Diabetes 5. For consultation call +919945850945 The classical textbooks of Ayurveda like So looking at the symptoms we can find similarities between According to Ayurveda, all the materials in the universe is made up of five basic elements they are Prithvi, Ap, Agni, Vayu, and Akasha. But if one starts to overuse of particular food, drink or indulging in a particular activity will lead to an increase in particular dosas more then its limits. Sarshapika, masurika, alaji, vinata and vidradhi are easy to cure. If the similar acts continue then the aggravated doshas start to get circulated all over the body.

All the ayurvedic scholars and texts firmly advocate nidana parivarjana for management of the disease. It is also advised depending on the state and stage of the disease. These pidakas on complication leads to intoxication, visarpa, fever and gangrene. We have three dosas which govern the health status of the body. The management technique for diabetes in Ayurveda is as follows: Exercise (Vyaayam), dietary regulation (Pathya), Panchakarma (bio-purification procedures) and Medicines. It leads to searching of alternative system of medicine where Ayurveda has greater application and importance. The incidence of diabetes is increasing day by day. Few feared of taking daily insulin injection are also look for ayurvedic treatment to avoid getting injected daily.As we all know Ayurveda is an ancient medical science which dates back more than 5000 years. In the treatment of prameha panchakarma is advised depending on the predominance and strength of the doshas and strength of the patient.According to Caraka the complications associated with prameha arePidakas are correlated with carbuncles. For diagnosing the disease, stage, and state of the disease Ayurveda mentioned about eight types of investigations which are are also known as Asthavidha Parikshas. Many diabetic patients visit Ayurveda doctor in a stage when their sugar levels are raising continuously despite taking the medications regularly; others when they get diagnosed as diabetic for the first time, looking for some alternative solutions to reduce sugar levels without taking medication as they fear that once they start the medication they have to continue medications lifelong.
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