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Oncologist just sort of says "not me, I didn't do that". Nothing will make your hair any thicker because of these darned Aromatase inhibitors we have to take, but you CAN deal with it cosmetically through a good hair cut and products like HairSoReal.

Its just something I've accepted. Hair loss in women is often treated with a topical solution (Rogaine), some oral contraceptives, a medicated shampoo, and other drugs. You have to take it the rest of your life and in most women, it only prevents further hair loss and doesn't help the hair grow back. I'm now going to try to make an appointment with my pcp - who doesn't prescribe chemo and probably doesn't know whether this is normal or not! It is Esp thin for someone who didn't have chemo.My sister is pretty much bald on top.I don't want that.She has been most of her life.She's had no illnesses.I know some is my genes but this tamox isn't helping.Then after tamox there is another drug for 5 years.UGH!!! I just want more of my hair back.JWI, is your hair loss consistent all over your body? How it works. Yet I looked it up online (from reputable websites) and they clearly say that "in most cases" (I think 95%) hair grows back after chemo. I have hair thinning too. Sigh.

So if I do grow more hair, we'll never know if it was the needling, minixodil, or just plain time and I don't care what is responsible. Her nurse acted like they'd never heard of such a thing. There are several new treatment options for macular degeneration, that are available either commercially, or in the stage of clinical testing.This article outlines what you need to know! I am a very warm person and can soak my scalp and I'm afraid a poweder would start running down my face. As always, treatments have the best chance of being effective if they are geared to the cause of the hair loss as well as to triggering hair growth.When applied topically, the amount of minoxidil absorbed through the Widely available in generic versions and under the brand name Many dermatologists do prescribe 5% for women with androgenetic alopecia if used under their supervision.
Currently, both versions of this contraceptive are not available in the U.S.They work by blocking some of the actions of male hormones commonly present in women. Frustrating, to say the very least.I've tried EVERYTHING..the best thing that I've found that works .. is Biotin .. Between having my ovaries removed (electively), being on Femara (which inhibits ALL hormonal activity in my body) and the hair loss, I feel like I've been robbed of my feminity and identity. or whether I just be patient. Generic drugs . Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois October 2019 Balanced Drug List III . Femara reports that 5% of the women have hair thinning, but I think (based on my conversations with other women) that the actual percentage is much higher.My advice to you: don't waste your time going to dermatologists. The call back was that she talked to the doctor about this and she said this isn't normal and I need to see my primary care physician to check my thyroid and potentially refer me to a dermatologist - that it has to be because of something else is going on, not the chemo.

I do have hair and the follicles that are there are growing, but I have this male pattern baldness pattern and a very visible scalp, especially in the back. Use it sparingly twice a day. I have been on Femara almost three years. I went out without makeup a couple of months ago, and a male clerk in a variety store was actually unsure as to whether I was male or female! If you want to buy Latisse and you've found a lower Lumigan online price, just email us the link and we will match it plus take an additional 5% off! I think Arimidex also can cause the hair to thin.

Maybe it will grow in eventually. I also wondered about Arimidex effecting regrowth.

I'm really disappointed that my oncologist couldn't even say this happens sometimes, but lets rule out other causes.

If you get your hair wet or it rains, it does not 'run' because they're keratin, which is almost like real hair fibers.I hate to be a naysayer, but I tried Nioxin, Biotin, everything!

It's still a horrible drug and not worth it in my opinion, though.Hi Ohilly - It is good to see your post. My vote is to try it, it can't hurt and certainly may help. Use of this online service is subject to the disclaimer and the terms and conditions. I too suffer from thin hair, sparse eye brows - and thinner lashes. I also don't think a dermatologist will be able to do anything, but I'd like some Latisse.
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