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Shift Strategies Consulting

The challenge of improving health outcomes and eliminating decades-long health disparities is not a health problem, but essentially a communications problem. At SHIFT STRATEGIES CONSULTING, we accelerate programmatic outcomes and transform corporate culture by shifting how you talk about health.

We are a community of innovative thinkers dedicated to solving the communication challenges of current health and wellness programs. We work with non-profits, policy makers and corporations committed to changing health behaviors or eliminating disparities in maternal and child health, nutrition, food access and other health promotion efforts.

Our mission is to work collaboratively to optimize the effectiveness of your policies, human resource management protocols, community programs or outreach campaigns. We do this by providing detailed community driven insights and unparalleled mainstream communication and media experience that is rooted in extensive, on-the-ground, community engagement work.

Led by Kimberly Seals Allers, our team also has an unique experience communicating with underserved communities and communities of color across socioeconomic lines. Let us accelerate your shift!

Keynotes & Workshops

Is your organization in need of a SHIFT? Let’s talk!

I’m passionate about shifting organizational and professional industry culture by offering motivational and informative keynotes and workshops full of fresh insights on the social and cultural influences on the landscape of maternal and infant health.

From systemic barriers and cultural nuances to developing specific messaging custom designed for your organization, my keynotes connect and inspire. Jump start your shift now!


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