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Shift Strategies: Narrative Change & Strategic Communications

The challenge of improving health outcomes and eliminating decades-long health disparities is not a health problem, but essentially a communications problem. At SHIFT STRATEGIES CONSULTING, we accelerate programmatic outcomes and transform corporate culture by shifting how you talk about health and equity. Quite simply, we work for narrative change rooted in deep cultural engagement.

We are a community of innovative thinkers dedicated to solving the communication challenges of current health and wellness programs by using immersive storytelling techniques, sophisticated communication tactics and leveraging societal trends. We work with non-profits, policy makers and corporations committed to changing health behaviors or eliminating disparities in maternal and child health, reproductive justice, nutrition, food access and other public health promotion efforts.

Our mission is to work collaboratively to optimize the effectiveness of your policies, interventions, research dissemination plans, community programs or outreach campaigns. We do this by providing detailed community driven insights and unparalleled mainstream communication and media experience that is rooted in extensive, on-the-ground, community engagement work.

Led by Kimberly Seals Allers, our team also has an unique experience communicating with underserved communities and communities of color across socioeconomic lines. We can accelerate your shift to equitable policies, communication and outcomes!

  • Strategic Communication and Narrative Change:  We architect and execute narrative evolution strategies, increase organizational narrative building capacity and teach equitable story collection and dissemination tactics.
  • Internal Communication Development: Advise on, build or enhance organizational communication eco-systems.
  • Editorial Services & Content Development: Co-create thought leadership commentaries, develop multi-media content, write and edit website copy, newsletter content, white papers, ebooks, curricula and other content products.

 Let us get to work to shift your organizational story and your health messaging strategy!


Conference Keynotes & Workshops

Is your organization in need of a SHIFT? Let’s talk!

I’m passionate about shifting organizational and professional industry culture by offering motivational and informative keynotes and workshops full of fresh insights on the social and cultural influences on the landscape of maternal and infant health.

From systemic barriers and cultural nuances to developing specific messaging custom designed for your organization, my keynotes connect and inspire. Jump start your shift now!

  • We could not be happier with the content and clarity, Ms. Seals Allers provided to our Pre-Conference and Summit attendees. Kimberly spoke from her experiences, sharing her truth, passion, and wisdom. Kimberly Seals Allers is a staunch advocate and phenomenal breastfeeding expert, who captivates audiences. We definitely look forward to future collaborations with Ms. Seals Allers and continued support as we work to breakdown breastfeeding inequities in California, one community at a time.
    California Breastfeeding CoalitionExecutive Board
  • I would love to hear Kim again. She is a wonderful educator to help us (health professionals) to better understand culture.
    California Breastfeeding Summit Pre-ConferenceAttendee
  • Best speaker of the day. First true disparities with solutions discussed today. Moved me to tears.
    California Breastfeeding Summit Pre-ConferenceAttendee
  • Excellent presenter! Very powerful, insightful, gentle, humorous, and sent out a service of hope and possibilities.
    California Breastfeeding Summit Pre-ConferenceAttendee
  • Kimberly is one of the most powerful keynote speakers we have ever contracted. Her presentation was eye-opening, engaging, and sincere. I have never seen such overall approval and admiration from the crowd as I did after Kimberly's keynote. I would be surprised if there was a dry eye in the audience and anyone left seated when it was over.
    John Rabold, CMP
    John Rabold, CMPEventGlide, Maternal and Child Health Conference
  • We were extremely fortunate to host Ms. Kimberly Seals Allers as our special invited guest speaker at La Salle’s MPH Awards Ceremony in 2014. Ms. Seals Allers inspired our graduates, alumni, community members, and dignitaries as she thoughtfully and passionately addressed disparities in health and wellness in urban communities and called on us to “not confuse someone’s circumstances” with their character.
    Holly Harner, PhD, MBA, MPH, CRNP, WHCNP-BC
    Holly Harner, PhD, MBA, MPH, CRNP, WHCNP-BCAssistant Professor and Chair, Department of Urban Public Health and Nutrition, La Salle University


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