Critical Conversations in Breastfeeding

Webinar #1

The REINVENTION of breastfeeding won’t occur without a fundamental shift in how we communicate – with mothers and fathers, with the media, with each other. In this shift the conversation is not about the relationship, the conversation IS the relationship. So how we conceive, engage and manage it matters. In the debut webinar in this series, Kimberly Seals Allers brings her decades of strategic communication and media knowledge, her years of on-the-ground experience with mothers and fathers and her passion for breastfeeding together to create the framework for a powerful way forward.

What attendees said: 

“Kimberly has such a great way with words! Many of the ideas we discussed were phrased in a way that really resonated with me,”–Jennifer S.

“I loved how you think!!”–Collette A.

“Kimberly really gets you thinking—and thinking leads to action! I was full of ideas on how to implement her strategies in my own work.
Looking forward to more!!” –Diane G. 

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