The SHIFT Video Series: Winning the Story War in Breastfeeding: Changing How We Communicate

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The Shift Series are dynamic, online, live broadcast experiences led by Kimberly Seals Allers and some of the brightest minds in public health, infant feeding and the culture of motherhood. The debut presentation, Winning the Story War in Breastfeeding: Changing How We Communicate, is now available for viewing now for $25.00.  Learn how we can shift a woman’s experience of breastfeeding by changing how we communicate about breastfeeding. Kimberly delivers four key strategies for success and reviews some of the mis-steps of previous messaging efforts.

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The Live Stream Presentation from Neuehouse NYC is now available for viewing!

If you missed it live, you can watch it now at the special pay-per-view price of $25.00!!!

What attendees said: 

“Your presentation was spectacular. I shared the messages with my office and everyone is a-buzz,” 

“Powerful presentation!! I learned so much!”

The question is important: Do we have a breastfeeding problem or is the problem of low breastfeeding rates actually because of how we are talking about breastfeeding? We are in a story war in breastfeeding, and with maternal and infant health outcomes in the balance, the stakes are high. The breastfeeding narrative is wrought with the language of battle–from lactivists to nurse-ins to so-called fearless formula feeders. How do we shift both the digitally-powered and the people-powered narrative of breastfeeding at the practitioner, policy, and everyday person level?

We’ve done evidence-based. We’ve done direct service. We’ve done benefits messaging. Now it’s time to accelerate outcomes with a powerful shift of the breastfeeding narrative.

Watch Kimberly Seals Allers in this dynamic and engaging live stream presentation as she applies her decades of media expertise, storytelling acumen and strategic communication experience to the most pressing public health issue of our time. Kimberly outlines a practical blueprint for shifting the narrative of breastfeeding using our most powerful tool, thereby shifting infant feeding norms and propelling the breastfeeding movement forward.


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